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Katy Breunig

Hello Beautiful People,

My name is Katy Breunig. I’m a shamanic and energetic healer who works with my intuition, allies, sound and other tools to connect you to your highest self. The self that is fully connected to Spirit. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and working in the fields of natural healthI am uniquely attuned to perceive the the interface of energetic and physical imbalance. We can get to the root of patterns that no longer serve you. I help you to bring movement, flow, vitality, and selfhealing into your daily life. I am equally as blessed to be able to work with those in the spirit world. This gift is most often used when I am doing house and land clearings. I see the most opportunity in this world to realize connection to Spirit and to the oneness of all that is. We are in fact our own best healers, and this energy is easiest to access when we remember our oneness.

Katy Breunig

Energetic Healer

energy clearings + healing

Areas of stuck or stagnant energy are what hold illness, pain, and suffering.

individual healing sessions

Schedule an individual shamanic healing for greater connection, movement, flow and vitality. Shamanic healings are helpful for clearing traumatic events from your physical and energetic bodies so that you are more freed up to live life from the positive pole perspective filled with truth, love and energy. you meant to live. Katy is available for remote and inperson Shamanic healings.

house & land

House and Land Clearings support a space that has experienced trauma at one time or another in it’s history. This trauma is sometimes known by the current residence or sometimes it just feels like something isn’t right in the space. Trauma to places are events that happen because of human interaction, versus natural events.

house & land

House and Land Blessings are similar to clearings- but generally used to support life events that involve places, welcoming a new baby, moving to a new location, completing a remodel, are all examples of times when a blessings is of great benefit.

shamanic wedding

Celebrate your unity with a Shamanic wedding ceremony! A unique way to beautifully honor your sacred union. Shamanic weddings powerfullyengage the energies of the natural surroundings, the families lineage, and the fields of miracles and blessings. The ceremony will leave the couple and the participants in a celebratory frequency of love and joy for the life ahead of them.

experience the power of shamanism

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based on the belief that all healing includes a spiritual component. Shamanic medicine has traditions around the world, dating back at least 25000 years.

During a Shamanic healing, the shamanic practitioner works with the energy fields of a person, as well as their energetic connections to the body, and to the world around them. Shamanic healings are excellent to get the energy moving; areas of stuck or stagnant energy are so often what hold illness, pain, and suffering. When this energy gets moving, it supports overall health and wellness of the physical and spiritual bodies of each person.

begin your healing journey

Katy is available for remote and in-person individual healing sessions, remote and in-person house and land clearings and blessings, as well as in-person shamanic weddings. Her office is located in beautiful Portland, OR