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katy breunig

In her Shamanic Healings, Katy specializes in body trauma and it’s interface with the emotional and spiritual bodies. With a real love of working with house and land spirits, she is available for Shamanic House Clearings and Blessings in addition to the Shamanic Healings.

Katy has completed the Power Path School of Shamanism One Year Shamanic Studies Program as well the basic practitioner trainings. She has studied with the Curanderos of Vera cruz, the Shibipo of the Amazon and the Huichol of Mexico.

Oregon LMT, ABMP member, SSP board member.


I’m so grateful to Katy. I treated with my chiropractor for several months for a slip and fall injury but wasn’t recovering completely. My chiropractor sent to me Katy and after just one treatment, my pain was greatly reduced. After a few months, I recovered from this painful injury. I highly recommend her!  

K. Silva | Portland, OR

Katy combines a deep understanding of physiology with powerful intuition and energy work. Her massage therapy has kept me healed, healthy and grounded through some difficult times. I can’t recommend her services highly enough.

H. Hayes-Klein | Portland, OR

Katy is fabulous. She has helped me over the last couple months after a bad car crash, and she went far beyond just making sure that my physical obstacles were worked out. She was lovely to talk to and helped me heal in more ways than one. Can’t recommend her highly enough!!!

E. Murphy | Portland, OR

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Katy is available for remote and in-person individual healing sessions, remote and in-person house and land clearings and blessings, as well as in-person shamanic weddings. Her office is located in beautiful Portland, OR