what katy’s clients say about her work

“Bless my past that it may be healed; bless my present that it may be sealed, bless my
future that it may be revealed and bless all of my prayers known and unknown to me, spoken and unspoken by me.”
– Prosperity Prayer

I’ve been working with Ms. Breunig for a couple of years and can emphatically endorse her services. Katy has a very holistic mindset, as well as a very expansive skillset, when it comes to healing and body maintenance. She has rescued my body from pain and restrictions on many occasions, and while I can’t say that I’ve loved every minute of the occasionally (and necessarily) painful massage work, I have always enjoyed the end results. I can’t recommend Katy’s work enough.

W. Gurley | Portland, OR

Katy Breunig is a skilled LMT/healer who has helped me with a chronic sore neck and a problem lower back. She takes direction well and provides me with exactly what I need each visit. I’d recommend Katy to anyone seeking relief from the stresses the body encounters. I leave each session feeling rejuvenated and with a sense of well-being.

J. Sass | Portland, OR

I had such a great experience with Katy clearing my house that I had her do my business property as well. Both of these sessions were remote but after hearing her debrief with me afterwards, it was as if she was there in person. Her intuition and ability to move energy is amazing. Katy gave me several interesting insights on both properties and both spaces felt palpably lighter and higher vibrational afterwards. Katy’s work is a true blessing!

A. Tourney | Chicago, IL

Am sure it was in large part because of your house clearing and blessings that my house sold to the second buyer after I listed in October.  Amazing!  I could feel the shift in energy when I returned to the house after you had done your magic!  The person who bought my house bought it in large part because of the energy she felt when she saw it.  So, yes, the process works, and I might add, it draws the “right” buyers in!

D. Doyle | Anacortes, WA

I went in for help with an injury to my shoulder.  Katy helped to heal this, and also worked to alleviate chronic issues with my other shoulder.  Now I see her monthly – depending on my current needs, it can be a relaxing experience or she can help with therapeutic massage, cupping, and gua sha to help heal my creaky old body.  Either way the stress always melts away by the time she’s done.  Katy is strong, compassionate, and welcoming, and she has the perfect blend of physiological knowledge and metaphysical wonder to make every session a treat.

J. Newsome | Portland, OR

I would highly recommend Katy for all your massage needs.  I’ve been going monthly for over a year and she has helped me with plantar fasciitis, overused muscles, tendonitis,  and just general stress.  She even makes her own essential oils and the mugwort oil is my favorite for relieving muscle pain.  She has a very pleasant and upbeat demeanor making her professional and productive massages even more effective!

J. McBride | Portland, OR

Katy is a wonderful and highly skilled massage therapist. She’s sensitive, intuitive and really in touch with my needs. I’ve had chronic back issues for many years. I look forward to each session knowing that relief is on its way.

L. Laptook | Portland, OR

The best thing I ever did for my health was deciding to have every other week massage from Katy. She is always in tune with with your needs and creates a relaxing environment for treatment. Katy also has provided me with various tools and techniques for self-care. Katy is the best.

M. Stauber | Portland, OR

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Katy is available for remote and in-person individual healing sessions, remote and in-person house and land clearings and blessings, as well as in-person shamanic weddings. Her office is located in beautiful Portland, OR